Paper Discs

A huge range of custombuilt discs are available in various sizes and grits. Please advise application for a recommendation. Also available in paper and cloth back as well as velcro or sticky(PSA) back.
Product ID Description
ABPD150*080 PAPER DISC 80g x 150mm *NETT
ABPD150*100 PAPER DISC 100g x 150mm *NETT
ABPD225*100 PAPER DISC 100g x 225mm *NETT
ABPD230*060 PAPER DISC 60g x 230mm *NETT
ABPD230*080 PAPER DISC 80g x 230mm *NETT
ABPD230*120 PAPER DISC 120g x 230mm *NETT
ABPD300*040 PAPER DISC 40g x 300mm *NETT
ABPD300*060 PAPER DISC 60g x 300mm *NETT
ABPD300*080 PAPER DISC 80g x 300mm *NETT
ABPD600*100 PAPER DISC 100g x 600mm *NETT