Mainland Fasteners Ltd


Mainland Fasteners is a privately run business based in Christchurch servicing predominately the South Island as well as selected businesses in the North.


Three of the owners worked for a privately owned fastening business which was sold to a private group specialising in fasteners and steel. It was later on sold to Steel and Tube.

During this period one more of the owners joined the industry. After many years it was decided that we could do better than what the corporate world of fasteners offered and have more control over the direction of the company in response to customer demand.


Having many years of experience looking after selected clients warehousing means that short supplying or overstocking is not an issue-testimonials can be provided if required.

Questions will always be asked about sizes which are questionable as to the use in your business

Mainland Fasteners Owners Experience

Catharine Cairns - Accounts Manager 26 years

Simon Mechen - Storeman, Salesman, Branch Manager 24 years

Brendon Cairns - Storeman, Salesman, Branch Manager 26 years

Current Staff

Sixteen including owners.


Ensure sufficient stock is available for same day collect/dispatch of goods.

Every scheduled courier run we endeavour to process and dispatch all orders present in the warehouse.

If needed, customers can order before a run knowing it will be dispatched.

Giving quality advice to our customers to help their business operate in an efficient manner.

Technical Experience

The owners of the business possess between them over 100 years of experience.

The years of knowledge gained through dealing with failures, incorrect application of the product to specialist applications where specific products need to be sourced are not something every company possesses - Mainland Fasteners does.

How does this help you?

Being a privately run business we can ensure the products you specifically need, can be catered for: no head office dictating stock levels and procedures.

Service and supply is our point of difference, price is important but is no good when you can’t get the goods on time.

Answers given regarding any issues will be true and correct, not to be over ridden by head office.


Same day is our standard service; with Sub 60 courier runs are becoming more prevalent due to companies reducing their stocks to minimum levels thus relying on their suppliers.

Customers can visit our warehouse and physically walk through the store in order to select the correct product for the job.